Start the New Year with a Healthy smile

January 1, 2016 - By Bruce Michaelson
Start the New Year with a Healthy smile

If you are one of those people who made one or more New Year’s resolutions for 2015 about your happiness and well being, then it’s all about working on your dazzling smile, as that is the only thing that is stopping you from have a happy life, says a Dentist in Dubai. The scientific truth behind this is that smiling more, every step of the way, will help you accomplish whatever you’re after in terms of health, job and relationships.
The Dental Surgeon in Dubai advises people on how each of these elements can be accomplished and is beneficial,


  • Smiling relieves stress and reduces the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, and gives you a quick burst of energy. This can help relieve some of the physical reactions of stress, including increasing blood sugar levels, disturbance in the natural function of the digestive system, and increasing pulse rate.
  • Smiling lowers blood pressure, since your breathing increases during this process and allows more oxygen and nutrients to flow, causing blood pressure levels to decrease.
  • Smiling improves the immune system. Since stress hormones decrease when you smile, certain antibodies or immune cells increase, helping your body to fight off certain illnesses like the common cold.
  • Smiling increases longevity. This has been proven according to a latest study, people who smile live 7 years longer as opposed to a person who does not smile often.


  • At the work place smiling increases productivity. Studies show that people work more efficiently and faster when they smile while performing their tasks. There is some truth in the phrase, whistle while you work!
  • Smiling can make you succeed in what you do. People who smile at work often, are more likely to earn more money through bonuses, tips and raises. They are also more readily approached with business ideas and offered advancements, due to what they can achieve, their performance and their happy attitude.


  • Smiling is not only contagious, it makes you more attractive, especially for the fairer sex. Research shows that people are drawn to others who smile and believe that people with good teeth are more approachable, healthier, and better looking. This naturally makes it easier to strike up a good relationship that is long lasting as well.
  • Smiling makes you look younger. Smiles makes a person radiant and gives their face its youthful vigor. Making relationships stronger. Often when people are happy and smile all the time, it’s not easy to tell their age, this is especially true with women, who may look years younger than their actual age.

Therefore, it is important to smile as it has a deep and huge impact in all areas of a person’s  life, says dentists at the Dental Clinics in Dubai. However, a healthy, straight, and white smile is also critical for your health and wellbeing, self-esteem, self-confidence and future success in a career as well as long lasting relationships.

The benefits of smiling and makes your life amazing as you are on the threshold of welcoming 2015 and it all seems like a great deal,  but don’t let the condition of your teeth stand in your way, opt for the best Dental Treatment in Dubai and make your smile radiant again.[:zh]一个迪拜的医生说,如果您关于幸福安康为2015年做出一个或更多新年决心,那么它都是关于您的迷人微笑的,因为那是唯一阻止您享有幸福生活的。这后面的科学真理是更多微笑,每一步,将帮助您在健康、工作和关系方面达成您所追求的。


  • 微笑缓解压力,减少皮质醇水平、压力荷尔蒙,迅速爆发能量。这会帮助缓解一些压力的身体反应,包括血糖水平增加、消化系统自然功能的干扰,以及脉搏率增加。
  • 微笑降低血压,因为在此过程中您的呼吸增加,允许更多氧气和营养物流动,降低血压水
  • 微笑改进免疫系统。由于在您微笑时压力荷尔蒙减少,某些抗体或免疫细胞增加,帮助您的身体抵抗某些疾病,如感冒。
  • 微笑增加长寿。根据最新研究,这已被证实,微笑的人比不经常微笑的人多活7年。


  • 在工作场所,微笑增加生产率。研究显示,在进行任务时,微笑时的人工作效率更高更快。“吹吹口哨愉快工作”这句俗话里是有些真理的!
  • 微笑能使您成功。工作时微笑的人经常更可能通过奖金、小费和加薪挣更多钱。他们也更容易被给予商业想法和进步,由于他们能够达到的,其绩效和其快乐的态度。


  • 微笑不仅会传染,它使您更有吸引力,特别是对于更公平的性别。研究显示,人们被微笑的人所吸引,并且相信牙齿好的人更可接近,更健康,更好看。这很自然使得得到长久的良好的关系更容易。
  • 微笑使您看起来更年轻。微笑使人光芒四射,使其面部充满年轻活力。使关系更强大。经常当人们幸福和一直微笑时,不容易知道其年龄,特别对于女人这是真的,微笑时的女人看起来比实际年龄年轻很多岁。



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