Positive oral health with the Family Dentist in Dubai

February 15, 2015 - By Bruce Michaelson
Positive oral health with the Family Dentist in Dubai

Starting school after the holidays can be tedious, especially with a daily, early morning routine where time is of the essence. This also means that the child is growing up and taking on a lot of responsibilities. But it takes more than just a little guidance to help your child grow up healthy, especially a child’s oral hygiene, says a   Pediatric Dentist in Dubai and developing an early oral care regime can set the stage for good life long oral health and preventive dental care.

Most school aged children are ready to take on daily brushing and flossing, and parents should share in the responsibility of getting them motivated to do so, because getting them to brush and floss daily can pose a challenge.

Here are some measures that parents can take to make the process easier.

  • Buy products the child would like – Children have small hands, mouths and teeth with limited coordination and different taste preferences. Regular toothbrushes, dental floss and mouthwash can be harsh on the children and may not be child friendly. Children in turn will take a dislike to these products and reject them and make the dental care routine even more of  a struggle. So it’s best to use child friendly products that are designed especially for small hands, mouths and teeth. They are also attractive and come in sparkly colors, making  a child want to brush and floss their teeth as often as possible.
  • Find ways to make dental care fun – Oral care can be fun if the child does not treat is as a chore. Establish a routine, either in the night or in the morning. Also try to make brushing teeth a family affair, where everyone in the household brushes and flosses their teeth together. With small children parents can make funny faces and noises and make toothpaste foam smile and make it fun. This will help children not treat brushing and flossing as a chore and this will continue throughout their childhood and also into adulthood.
    Positive comments and rewards – Depending on the child’s age, establish a reward system to inspire the child to take responsibility for the habit of brushing their teeth.
  • Make a tooth brushing and flossing chart – The Dental Care in Dubai recommends that parents make a brush and floss chart to help the child have a sense of accomplishment. The chart can be made using cardboard or construction paper, markers, glitter glue, crayons, whatever is on hand to make a tooth brushing chart. Use colorful stickers to keep track of brushing and flossing. Involve the child in sticking them on the chart that adds some pride of ownership to the record keeping.
  • Gift Cards or Games – For older children use gift cards and games as a form of reward. Verbal praise also works well with older children as well.

Make dental checkups fun – Make sure to have regular dental checkups at the Dental Clinics in Dubai for your child. The Dentists will ensure that the child knows the importance of following a daily oral care routine. Dental checkups become associated with either verbal praise, or a tangible incentive. However, there are instances, where the child may need Dental Treatment in Dubai despite good oral care habits.[:zh]假期后开始上学可以是单调乏味的,特别是每天早晨的例行程序,时间是非常重要的。这也意味着孩子正在成长,并且承担很多责任。一位迪拜的儿科牙医说,但是帮助您的孩子健康成长不只需要一些指导,特别是孩子的口腔卫生,开发早期口腔护理制度可以为良好生活长期口腔健康和预防牙科护理设置舞台。



  • 买孩子喜欢的产品 – 儿童有着协调有限的小手、嘴和牙齿,以及不同的口味偏好。普通的牙刷、牙线和漱口水可能对儿童是粗陋的,可能不那么儿童友好。儿童将不喜欢这些产品,拒绝它们,使得牙科护理例行程序更像斗争。因此,最好使用特别为小手、嘴和牙齿设计的儿童友好产品。它们也很有吸引力,以耀眼色彩出现,使得儿童想要尽可能多地刷牙和用牙线清洁牙齿。
  • 找到方法使牙科护理有趣– 如果儿童不将其作为杂务对待,口腔护理可以是有趣的。建立例行程序,在晚上或在早晨。也尝试使刷牙成为家庭事务,家里的每个人都在一起刷牙和用牙线清洁牙齿。有小孩子,父母可以做鬼脸和发出噪音,使牙膏泡沫微笑,使它有趣。这将帮助儿童不将刷牙和用牙线清洁牙齿作为杂务对待,并且这将在其童年和成年时光继续。
    正面评论和奖励– 根据儿童的年龄,建立奖励系统激励儿童承担刷牙习惯的责任。
  • 做一个刷牙和用牙线清洁牙齿图表 – 迪拜的牙科护理推荐父母做出刷牙和用牙线清洁牙齿图表,以帮助孩子有成就感。可以使用硬纸板或图画用纸、马克笔、闪光胶水、蜡笔,无论手头有什么,做出刷牙图表。使用彩色贴纸记录刷牙和用牙线清洁牙齿。让孩子将贴纸贴在图表上,将一些拥有骄傲加到记录上。
  • 礼品卡或游戏 – 对于更大的儿童,使用礼品卡和游戏作为奖励形式。口头赞扬对于更大的儿童也很有作用。

使牙科检查有趣– 确定为您的孩子在迪拜的牙科诊所做定期检查。牙医将确保孩子知道遵循每日口腔护理例行程序的重要性。牙科检查开始与口头赞扬或切实激励相关。但是,有儿童有良好的口腔护理习惯但是需要牙科治疗的例子。

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