Dental care tips for Halloween in Dubai

January 4, 2015 - By Bruce Michaelson
Dental care tips for Halloween in Dubai

This is the time of year children want to get lots and lots Halloween candy when they are out trick-or-treating and fill up their goody bags, explains the best Dentist in Dubai.

As a parent, you know that eating too much candy is bad for the child’s teeth, so Halloween does bring with it a few nightmares to all parents who worry about their children’s teeth.

The Pediatric Dentist in Dubai reminds parents at this time of the year that Halloween is a good time to teach your kids good oral health habits without depriving them of their Halloween candy. Here are some tips for parents to try this Halloween season to ensure that your child has healthy teeth for the rest of their lives

  • Let the child enjoy their candy and sweet treats in moderation. This is one of the most popular holidays that children look forward to out of the whole year. Therefore, parents should not deny their children of this fun experience and candy is a very big part of the celebration. Don’t take away the kid’s candy as soon they are back home from trick or treating. They may then try to eat candy on the sly or sneak some out of their loot to enjoy at odd times and end up eating much more candy. The best thing is to let your kid’s enjoy the candy in moderation by going through their bag together and picking a few pieces they would like to eat at the time and put the rest away. Also encourage the child to donate it to a worthy cause instead of hiding them or throwing them away.
  • Take this opportunity to talk to your child about sweets and the effect it has on their teeth. If your child didn’t listen to you before, now is the time to make them listen about taking care of their teeth and the damaging effects that too much candy can have on their teeth. Ideally, it’s best to take your child to the Dentist in Dubai for a regular check and have the dentists also explain the effects that eating an excessive amount of candy and other sweet treats have on their teeth. This will help children learn about what affects their oral health and how they should be careful about what they eat, hearing this from a dentist makes it important to the child as well.
  • Dedicate a time for sweet treats. Instead of letting your child have the candy they collect whenever they want, set a time for treats and also limit the number of sweets to just a few pieces. When children know that there is a time for them to enjoy their treats, they will stop eating candy whenever they want.

Also make sure to remind your child to brush and floss their teeth after they eat sweets. If the child is under 8years the parents should show them how to keep their teeth clean. Make brushing their teeth a fun time instead of a time that children dread, and in no time you will have an enthusiastic child wanting to brush their teeth after every meal.
The Dental Care in Dubai wants their young patients to enjoy this fun time of the year and learn more about how to care for their teeth so they have smiles they can be proud of in the future.





  • 让孩子有节制地享受其糖果及甜点。这是一年里最流行的假期之一,孩子们期待着能出去。因此,父母不得拒绝孩子这个有趣的体验,糖果是庆祝的很大一部分。不要等孩子一回来就拿走他们的糖果。那么他们可能会偷偷地吃,结果吃太多糖果。最好是挑出几块他们想吃的,把剩余的放起来,让孩子有节制地享受糖果。也鼓励孩子为有价值的事业捐出,而非藏起来或扔掉。
  • 利用这个机会向您的孩子讲书甜品和其对牙齿的影响。如果您的孩子以前没有听您,现在是时候让他们听关于护理牙齿和太多糖果对牙齿的危害。理想地,最好带您的孩子到迪拜牙医那里做常规检查,并且也让牙医解释吃过量糖果和其它甜点对牙齿的影响。这会帮助孩子了解口腔健康的影响,如何注意吃的食物,从牙医那里听到这个也对孩子很重要。
  • 为甜点献出时间。不是让您的孩子想吃拿来的糖果就吃,设定吃糖果的时间,限制吃糖果的数量为几粒。当孩子知道有享受甜点的时间时,他们不会想吃糖果时就吃。


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