Childhood fears of the Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

January 15, 2015 - By Bruce Michaelson
Childhood fears of the Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

Adults are often scared and fear dental treatment in Dubai so it is understandable that children can be scared and fearful of a dentist as well. Lessening their fears and anxiety can help make the visit much more comfortable and positive for the child. There are a number of ways that this can be done.

The parents should initially find out why the child is scared of the dentists and what caused the dental fear. Sometimes parents should evaluate their own fears of the dentists as children will often look to parents for comfort and how to handle these fearful and different situations. Parents  do not realize it, but their fear and behaviors towards the dentist may be affecting the child.

Sometimes, despite the parent’s confidence, children can be nervous and anxious, as having a dentist poke around in your mouth and use tools and instruments such as noisy cleaning tools and drills can unnerve an adult, let alone out fear in a child.

Parents must understand that it is quite normal for a child to be feeling this way. Here are some things that parents can do to make sure that their visit to the pediatric dentist in Dubai is much more pleasant and enjoyable.

  • Keep the child informed of the visits. Make sure they look forward to it. Don’t give them too much detail so that their imagination can run riot. Answer the questions that they may have and tell them it’s okay to ask the dentists any questions and concerns they have as well. This will also give them an education and understanding on the dental elements as well.
  • Don’t share any unpleasant experience you or the rest of the family had with a dentist even if it ended up fine in the end. Children will not see this as they would have already formed an opinion of the negativity on the incident you relate.
  • Don’t tell the child the process will be painful or will hurt.
  • Tell your child how important it is to have a healthy mouth and good oral hygiene. Tell them,it’s nice to have clean and healthy teeth. Let them know that visiting a dentist is all part of good oral hygiene, just like brushing and flossing.
  • Read an interesting story about a visit to the dentists that is appropriate to the child’s age. This will give them an idea of what to expect in a friendly and non-threatening manner.

Despite all your efforts to calm your child and relieve them of dental fear, if they are still scared, then the best approach would be to schedule a few appointments beforehand so that your child can get used to the environment. Take your child for a visit or a look around at first and then feel comfortable and familiar with the best dental clinic in Dubai. Once you work your way up to having a fully fledged dental appointment with your child,  you can then engage in procedures such as dental examinations, dental cleanings and even having braces in Dubai fixed and complete a full visit. This is a great way to form a lasting relationship between your child and the dentist.






  • 让孩子知道访问牙医。确定他们期待访问。不要给他们太多细节,这样他们的想象会放纵。回答他们的问题,告诉他们也可以问牙医任何问题和顾虑。这也会给予他们关于牙科因素的教育和理解。
  • 不要您或您的其他家庭成员在牙医那里的不悦体验,即使其结果是好的。孩子不会看到结果,因为他们已经形成了您提到的事件的负面性的观点。
  • 不要告诉孩子过程会很痛苦,会疼痛。
  • 告诉您的孩子有健康的口腔和口腔卫生是如何重要。告诉他们有清洁健康的牙齿很好。让他们知道访问牙医是良好的口腔卫生的一部分,就像刷牙和用牙线清洁牙齿一样。
  • 向孩子朗读适合其年龄的关于访问牙医的有趣的故事。这样会以友好和不威胁的方式让他们知道要期待什么。


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